Highway 95

Site specific installations using cut and painted canvas, lumber and other materials


Stop 1

Gold Center, NV: a mining town established in 1909, while there was no gold found there, it was a crucial water source and home to the first brewery in the area. Using the existing pylons from the old mill, we plan to install a clothesline referencing a task that many industrious women took on at mining camps to make money in this new territory.

Stop 2

Rhyolite, NV: Utilizing existing structure as support, we plan to install a quilt, referencing its use for warmth, decoration, communal collaboration and as a resourceful method of recycling valuable fabric scraps and remnants.


Stop 3

Bullfrog Mine, NV: We plan to construct a group of patterned tents inspired by mining town tent encampments. These tents would recall the importance of the domestic sphere, especially shelter, in a harsh environment.

Stop 4

Bonnie Claire, NV: Established in 1904 this town once served several mines and at its peak had a population of 100 people. We will be creating some large scale lace doilies from canvas to place inside one of the old structural remains of one of the buildings. These decorative and practical items were commonly found in homes at the turn of the last century and is representational of women’s creations having both aesthetic and utiliatrian roles in the home.


Stop 5

Goldfield, NV: The picturesque architectural remains in Goldfield provide the perfect setting for display of a larger than life apron. The apron symbolizes the many women of the mining camps who were cooking, baking, sewing and cleaning. 


Stop 6

Mina, NV: The last stop on our journey is Mina, named after Copper Queen, Ferminia Sarras. Our project would be a large-scale pair of pants dipped in copper paint in homage to the town’s namesake. The pants also refer to numerous women who picked up traditionally male roles at home or in the camps while men where prospecting.