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Born in 1977, Michalec is an artist who lives and works in Dayton, OH. 

My work focuses on domestic life in a convergence of abstract and the figure. The dichotomy of the family is emotional closeness yet frequently, missed connections. My paintings often show members of my family staring at their devices, huddling together but watching t.v., eating dinner around a table but involved in thought. Painting for me is a way of both embracing and resisting domestic life. Motherhood is like a love affair. We fall in love, we fantasize, and it is all so perfect. Then we see the reality, and feel guilty.

Abstraction and the figure compete for attention in my work just as being an artist and a mother compete for attention in real life. Waiting at the Verizon store, watching t.v., eating dinner- what is lasting among seemingly mundane experiences? The memories are intimate yet universal, influential yet forgotten.

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